Will I Lose Rewards when Transferring to Ledger?


Currently I am on Daedalus and delegating.

Does anyone know if we will be able to transfer our wallet from either Daedalus or Yoroi to Ledger hard wallet without a breaking our epoch cycle? It seems that if I transfer my funds today to Ledger though Yoroi I would be pulling out of my current earning epoch and snapshot epoch. I would be set up for the next snapshot but I would lose out on rewards for two epochs. Am I understanding this correctly? When Ledger is supported by Daedalus do you think this transition will become more seamless?

Thanks in advance!

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You need to keep the old wallet (with some small funds ~5ADA would do) for some time (few epochs) to receive the remaining rewards until you start receiving rewards in the new one.

And when you received the first reward on the new wallet, you could claim/withdraw your rewards on the old wallet and move them to the new ledger wallet’s addresses.

I hope it makes sense.


You won’t lose out on rewards. They will just go to your old wallet for three more epochs.

Please note that with Daedalus you currently cannot undelegate so in order to get you staking deposit of 2 ADA back you could restore your Daedalus wallet in the Yoroi browser extension. Then in the Dashboard click on “withdraw” and choose Remove Certificate in the following window. Yoroi will also show you in which epoch you’ll receive rewards for the last time. When all of that is done you can send the rest of your funds to your hardware wallet.

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That is some good info. Thanks you :slight_smile:

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In addition to that: you’ll get back the 2 Ada minus the transaction fee.

Thanks for the explanation.

As I don’t have a background in programming or computers I have a follow up question to help clarify your response. I understand the process you and others have delineated to keep my rewards, however I am missing something more rudimentary.

If I take my funds out of a pool, let’s say in the middle of an epoch, and keep 10 Ada in my delegating wallet as a “holder” of sorts, how do my funds help to validate or contribute to the stake pool if they’re not there. The snapshot is there with the original funds, but the funds or Ada have been transferred.
Thanks and Cheers!! Rocky

The stake pool doesn’t need the stake being delegated during the epoch. It works like this. At the beginning of an epoch a snapshot of all delegations is taken. At the end of that epoch each pool plays the so called slot lottery based on that snapshot and will win slots relative to the stake that was delegated to the pool, recorded in the snapshot.
So moving Ada around during the epoch has no effect on block production. What counts is the stake distribution at the beginning of the epoch.

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