Wallet and Delegation Question

Hey quick question: I recently purchased a Ledger Nano X and have linked my wallet with Yaroi.

I have my ADA staked and would rather not go through the period of epochs without receiving rewards, but its a small price to pay to store my keys in the Ledger long term. The question is then, if I transfer the ADA to my ledger wallet, will I have to redelegate and wait again for rewards or is there a way to ensure I stay in the same pool and keep receiving rewards?

Thanks for any help!

New wallet new delegation process but u will not must wait 4 epochs till first reward

  • move funds to ledger and redelegate (keep 1ADA inside the old wallet)
  • wait 2 more epochs to recieve all rewards (rewards are delayed with 2 epochs)
  • withdraw the rewards
  • deregister the old wallet to recieve the 2 ADA back)
  • move the last funds to ledger
  • delete the yoroi simple wallet

Thank you!

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