Must I Redelegate When I Transfer New Coins Into Daedalus?

I have a wallet, let’s call it “Wallet-1” with 100,000 ADA. I went to the Delegation Center and selected a stake pool. Okay, all good.

A Binance transfer limit expired, so I just moved more. So now the wallet has 150,000 ADA. When I look at the Delegation Center it shows my wallet with the new balance, and over to the right it says:

[undelegated ] [stkpoolname]

Do I have to redelegate, or will the total amount in the wallet automatically go to the stakepool?

You do not have to redelegate however the additional 50K based on your example will apply in the next Epoch.

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The next epoch? Even if I deposited it before the current epoch started?

(random epcoh numbers here just to illustrate)
If you deposit during Epoch 300, your delegation is effective as of the beginning of 301 (i.e., you’re earning rewards in 301, but not 300) and then distribution of said rewards in the epoch that follows 302. Sorry I can see how my previous comment is confusing.

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Thank you for the clarification. I think the general take-away here is that the wallet and process flows are well-designed to maximize participation: if you are already staking a wallet, and you add more ADA tokens, those tokens will start earning at the earliest opportunity. Other than depositing the funds, no further action is required.

You got it!



Thanx for answering this question!
Partly because I’ve had this question myself, but partly because I’ve delegated my stake to your pool! I’m glad to know you are active on the forum!


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