Are staking rewards affected when withdrawing and redepositing ADA?

Quick question…

I just started staking in my Daedalus wallet. I’ve completed only a couple of epochs.

If I withdraw my staked ADA to conduct a trade, and redeposit the same amount within 24 hours, will that affect my rewards or my delegation status?

I appreciate your thoughts!

You can send ADA and receive ADA that is already in the balance (not the rewards). Are you planning to send the full amount out or just some of it?

As long as there is ADA in it, I think it should still stay staked. Not sure if you send the entire amount. When I receive new funds to my wallet, it automatically keeps staking.

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Thanks DavidNC :slight_smile:

Actually, I did in fact withdraw all my ADA but redeposited the same amount after I completed the trade. I’m just hoping that withdrawing all my ADA didn’t cancel my rewards.

Np! Let me know how it goes. I’m curious to know as well.

Thank you

The ADA are not locked into the wallet when staking, what matters is the wallet balance across epoch boundaries (every 5 days).
You are free to move your ADA around and, if you do it right you will not lose rewards.
For example: tonight at 21:45 UTC the new epoch will start and the balance of the staked wallets will be recorded for the epoch 257 rewards. At 22:00UTC you could move the ADA to your exchange, do some trading and redeposit the ADA in your wallet before next epoch begins (21:45 31/3/2021), without losing rewards.

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Thank you so much, IPIB_Pool !!

That’s the answer I was hoping for. Thanks for the info!

You’re welcome.

Hi there . So the thing is I redeposited to my yoroi wallet account ( which was delegated already ) after a month so I was wondering how long should I expect to wait before I recieve rewards again? 4 to 5 depoches ? or at the beginning of the next epoch?

If a block is produced two epochs after your delegaton, then 4 epochs after your delegation the rewards will be distributed:

My bad I couldn’t put out my question adequately.
I have been receiving rewards on my delegated wallet but I had to empty my wallet for a trade and then I deposited back to my delegated wallet after a month in this case how long should I expect for rewards again ? ( I haven’t undelegate before emptying my wallet )

The rewards that pay out at the beginning of epoch N are determined by the balance in the staked wallet at the “stake snapshot” that happens at the beginning of epoch N-3, from the diagram above.

So if your delegated wallet balance has been 0 for a month but was positive again at the beginning of epoch 264, for example, then you’ll start to see rewards at the beginning of epoch 267.

I understand, thanks a million .

Hi there
I’m a bit confused .
I deposited to my yoroi wallet again and waited 3 epochs to receive rewards but I haven’t received any yet although I never u delegated ,
Do i need to click delegate again and make intrawallet transaction?

In which epoch did u delegated?

Epoch 264 I deposited back to my wallet but I never clicked delegate again since it was showing that my balance is already delegated to the pool that I’d been delegated before i emptied out my wallet .
But now again I clicked delegate again and made intrawallet transaction do you hink it might work now ?

It was fine, if u added the funds back to the wallet in epoch 264 u will receive the first reward in epoch 268

Thanks alot for the tip.
I’ll update you at the beginning of the next epoch.

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