Move ADA during staking, What will happen?

Hello, I have a question:
When i delegate for a pool to staking ADA (ex: 200k ADA), after the delegation was confirmed at 10th epoch, I move my ADA (ex: 100k ADA) to another wallet or cryptocurrency exchanges (to trade) , and after that, i send back my ada (ex: 100k ADA) to staking wallet before 11th epoch.
So, I will continue staking with 100k ADA or 200k ADA at 11th epoch?

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As far as I know, the epoch when you moved your ADA you would no longer receive rewards based on the full 200K, rather 100K (or perhaps none at all, I’m not sure about the specifics there for that specific epoch)… once you move your funds (or any amount) back to the same wallet and that wallet is delegated, then they will automatically be delegated for you alongside whatever you still had in there. So funds sent to a wallet that is already delegated will automatically delegate. What I am uncertain about is which epoch they will count. I believe it takes 1 full epoch for your funds to start counting and then another epoch to see rewards on that. The test version of Daedalus stakepool operators as myself (CPX) are using today has done a good job of showing you that your funds are delegated and at which epoch (if you hover over it once you get the new wallet) they will take affect.

I have moved funds in the manner you explain during the testnet and they automatically delegated when they hit the same wallet that was already delegated.