Sending ADA to a wallet which delegates

I’m using Daedalus to manage several wallets and I’ve sent some ADA to an addresses of a wallet that had all its balance delegated to a Pool. Will the new ADA I’ve sent to that wallet be delegated automatically to the pool too ?

Hi @maliky, great question!

When you delegate to a pool you delegate all funds on the wallet to that pool. so if wallet A has 1000 ada delegated to pool 1 and wallet B has 5000 ada delegated to pool 2 and you send 1000 ada from wallet A to Wallet B, you will delegate 6000 ada to pool 2 and 0 ada to pool 1. This change will be effective after 2 epochs (2 times 5 days). during these 2 epochs wallet A will still receive rewards from pool 1. after that all rewards will go to pool 2.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


That’s perfect. Thank you for the clarification @ADA4Good

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