Newbie Question about Adding ADA to my already delegated wallet on Daedalus

Happy today all,
I have staked some ADA on Daedalus a few weeks ago. Since then I bought more ADA and I added it to the same wallet on Daedalus today.
When I staked a few weeks ago the system asked me how much I wanted to stake.

  1. Now I have more on that wallet. DO I need to pull that slider to the new amount?
  2. Do I need to relegate or will the system just keep re-delegating?
  3. The Pool I delegated my original amount says 0% Margin until July. So if I want to change my delegation to another Pool, is it just select a new pool and delegate? or are there any other steps necessary?

I love the Cardano community.

Delegation happens at the account level. Daedalus only supports a single account. When you use a HW wallet (which you should) and, you would see those other accounts that you then could delegate independently. When you first delegate an account, you need to register your stake address and pay a 2 ADA deposit. After that, you can freely send or withdraw ADA from that account without doing anything else. Pledging, is for pool owners only - you delegate.

Pools with 0% margin still get 6 x 340 => 2040 ADA per month (if they mint at least one block per epoch). IMHO, this is much more than an operator needs to run two simple servers. You may need to shop around a little, there are pools that pay back to delegators (sometimes considerably).

Thank you. @tomdx.I must admit even though I read the words you wrote much of it did not make any sense to me :confused: I am sure as I learn more the brilliance will be clearer. Just so I what I think I understood is correct. Let’s say I added and delegated 1000 ADA. Next month I add another 1000ADA to the same wallet. Do I need to make any changes or will the Pool begin using 2000 ADAs moving forward

The latter. Your active stake will be 2k without doing anything else.