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Hello - I cannot figure out how to adjust the amount of ADA I am staking when I try to delegate. It says to use the slider but the slider does not seem to correspond to amount in my wallet. Thank you!

Hi @bigbean41,

That is not the idea behind the slider. Daedalus uses some ranking mechanism that favors some stakepools above others based on the selected stake. Personally I don’t like the way the daedalus ranking works. For one I don’t even understand how it works exactly.

There are also websites like pooltool.io and adapools.org that, imo, have a better and richer way to select your pool.

Also, a lot of pools will look the same if you just look at their numbers. you might also want to support smaller pools, pools with missions you like to support or pool that give back to thr community somehow.

If you need more help feel free to contact me! Choosing a fitting pool can be hard if you are new.

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To add to what ADA4Good was saying (in agreement with pretty much everything said there)… you also cannot “adjust” the amount of ADA you stake the way I believe the original question was asking. Staking in Cardano today is essentially the process of delegating a wallet. So the ENTIRE contents of that wallet are staked, you don’t get to select a certain amount from within a wallet. If your intent by doing so is to stake a certain amount to a pool and then a different amount to another pool, then unfortunately today, those would have to be in separate wallets. Multi-pool wallet delegation isn’t available yet but has been talked about.

Furthermore if your concern was that you won’t be able to move your staked funds, rest assured that’s also not how Cardano works, there is no locking period, you can pull out your funds any time. The wallet itself remains staked so whatever you put in there at a later date will also automatically stake (assuming ADA going into a wallet that is already staking).

Hope this quick explanation helps. Happy to get into more details.

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Thank you both so much for your replies! It seems that even when I am working within one wallet with ADA after I choose a pool the next screen populates with me delegating only 2 ADA although there is much more than that in the wallet. I do have one other wallet staked and I believe this happened to me the first time there but I can’t remember how I fixed it and did it correctly. Currently I am going to delegation center, scrolling down to the wallet I want to delegate that has ADA in it. Choosing “delegate” in the far right column, third box over in that wallets row. Popup asks me if I want to continue so I choose continue. Next screen has a drop down where I select the wallet with the undelegated ADA. After selecting it the next screen asks me to choose a pool. Next screen is where is shows me I only delegating 2 ADA at a fee of .175. It asks me to connect my Trezor. It asks me then to confirm the public key on my trezor. It then asks me to confirm transaction by once again entering public key. But it still has not given me any option I can see to increase the amount from 2 ADA. So I stop. Thank you for bearing with me if you can!

The entire amount in the wallet gets staked. The 2 ADA is the refundable deposit required for staking. The 0.17 is the fee. Staking requires both a fee for the transaction itself and a refundable 2 ADA deposit that is returned to you if you “undelegate” a wallet. The process of undelegating a wallet isn’t available yet in Daedalus I believe but should be in Yoroi.

So in short, you’re doing the right thing, once you complete the process the entire amount from the wallet you are delegating from is staked. This also applies if you happen to add more funds later to that wallet, they automatically stake if the wallet is delegated.

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Fantastic! Thank you so much.