New to ADA Delegation Question

Started my ADA delegation process last night as the next epoch will be starting in a couple hours. My question is regarding the amount of ADA being staked. Is this amount determined by the amount in the wallet or amount deposited in the transaction towards the stake pool I chose? I only have two transactions on Daedalus+Ledger currently, which is the withdrawal received from the exchange and a transaction sent to OCEA3 stake pool. I’m curious as the tx to the stake pool has a transaction fee and a deposit amount of only 2.0 ADA. Thanks for any clarification.

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Quick answer: Total amount in your wallet. That is until multi-pool delegation per wallet is available sometime this year.

Longer version:
In the process of delegating to a stake pool, you never send any ADA to the pool. Just some commentary on your note “and a transaction sent to … stake pool”. You do not send a transaction to a pool. It sounds like you did the right thing though so that’s good. To clarify, what actually happens, is that you pay fees to delegate your stake. I believe 2 ADA at the moment as you noted. But be certain that you should not be “sending” your ADA anywhere. The act of staking it essentially costs a nominal fee, which is refundable once, and if you ever, undelegate. All of your wallet’s ADA is subsequently staked to that pool.

Happy staking!
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Thank you for the clarification sir! Much appreciated.