Hi peeps. Not too tech savvy and new to this also.
So, I delegated my Ada. (It says minimum 10 but would only let me do it in chunks of 1000). I then bought more and want to delegate that also. My questions are:
1). Why is it letting me only delegate in chunks of 1000 when everywhere I read it says minimum required is 10
2). Once I delegated my first “batch” when I aquire more does it automatically delegate anywhere (to the same pool I would guess… if it does at all).
3) Can I delegate to same pool in different amounts/“chunks” (in case I wanted to ever cash some out but leave some)
4). Where can I see how many Ada I have delegated and to what pools?
Thank you!

Hey @Winnipeg

What wallet are you using?

Hi @Winnipeg,

You cannot delegate a certain amount of ADA to a stake pool. When you delegate you delegate everything in your wallet. So the total balance of your wallet will be delegated to that pool. And as you deposit or withdraw from/to your wallet the amount delegated will just change after the 5 day (epoch) snapshot.

The only way (currently) to delegate to multiple pools is to have multiple wallets.

there are many ways to do this. all wallets (daedalus, yoroi and adalite) will show you this. which wallet do you use?

Hey there,

  1. Your whole wallet is staked when you delegate to a Stake Pool. The 10 ADA is minimum required to be able to stake.

  2. Every new ADA that you will add to your wallet, will be automatically delegated to currently selected Stake Pool after 2 epochs delay (about 10 days).

  3. If you would ever want to cash out, you can send part of your ADA from your wallet to exchange, and the rest of the ADA will remain staked.

  4. In Yoroi dashboard or Daedalus “Delegation Centre” tab.