'Automatic' delegation question

Hi all - thanks for any help I might get. I opened a Yoroi wallet in order to receive ADA into it and from there, stake for MELD by delegating to one of the pools. I did this with a relatively small number of ADA as something of a test with the idea being to send larger amounts of ADA to Yoroi, and from there join another or the same stake pool. The thing is… on receiving new ADA into the Yoroi wallet they do not appear anywhere as a new balance that I can choose to delegate - they automatically join the pool I’d previously joined with the few initial ADA, without my having any input. At least that’s how it appears as the ‘total ADA’ and ‘total delegated’ are the same. Is this right? What if I wanted to put some into a different staking pool - I wouldn’t be able to split the ADA if it automatically feeds where any previous funds have gone.

Thanks guys.

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When you delegate you delegate a whole wallet. So any funds in there are considered delegated. As of now there is no option to split delegation to multiple pools from one wallet. They are working on it.
If you want to delegate to multiple pools you need to create new wallets for that.


Excellent, thanks for that. I was surprised to not find such an answer in the Yoroi FAQs.

Thanks for that clarification. Just to confirm, any time I add more ADA to my Yoroi wallet which is connected to my Trezor T, the new ADA assets will AUTOMATICALLY get delegated to the same pool. I know that is basically what you said but just confirming I understand completely. Thank you

Yes, that is correct.
The way staking is counted is that every Epoch (5 days) the network takes a snapshot of your wallet. What ever amount of ADA is in that wallet during the snap shot is your stake for that Epoch. You can just keep adding ADA to that wallet and new amount will become your new stake after the next snapshot.