Delegation to more than one pool

I have a yoroi shelley wallet, with the browser extension. Can I now delegate all the ADA inside it to a staking pool and tomorrow if I have new ADA, delegate them to a different pool?
Otherwise with Daedalus is it possible?

Currently, the best way is to create separate wallets within Daedalus/Yoroi for each of your intended delegations. Your stake will increase as you add ADA, by the way.

Should you choose MASTR, I thank you!

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Currently its not possible to delegate to more than one pool per wallet, but it should be possible in the future.

Check out the video from charles to that topic :

Thanks Chris and Zyroxa!
So … if I delegate all my ADAs from a wallet to a pool, and later add other ADAs to the same wallet, do they go to the same pool I delegated to before and thus improve the rewards?

Exactly! All your rewards and/or new ada are automaticly delegated to the same pool.

In fact you are not delegating your coins to a pool, instead you delegate your wallet to the pool.

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The bottom line is that decentralization should be at the core of the protocol, not relying on the charity and decision of ADA holders to distribute their ADA to make it more decentralized. Most people don’t have the time or interest to constantly research and allocate their holdings.