How to add another ada wallets to Ledger

Hi everyone, I’m new here.

I have some amount of ADAs on my ledger wallet (using and I want to start staking my ADAs. I would like to split those ADAs into smaller amounts and delegate them to few different pools. As I understand, we have to delegate all ADA in 1 wallet to a pool.

Is there a way to create multiple wallets using the same ledger device? It’s not a very good practice for me if I have to buy another ledger in order to create new wallet.

(I’m using Daedalus and pair it with my ledger already. I can see add a wallet option (Shelley) but that means I have to store the private key on my pc and it’s not very secure so I don’t want to use that option.)

Thank you all ^^


At the moment multi-delegation (1 wallet to many pools) is not available, but will be in the near future.
The only way to delegate to multi pool now, is to create more wallets (1 wallet /pool)


Hi, thanks for your reply. I understand that 1 wallet for 1 pool.

Can I add/create more ada wallets using 1 ledger device and then I can delegate to multiple pools?

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Hi @mickeychu . I use Daedalus paired with my Ledger Nano S. At the moment, only 1 ledger device for one Daedalus wallet. But you can create Yoroi wallet with the same Ledger.

I think you could delegate the Daedalus paired Ledger wallet to one pool. And the Yoroi wallet paired to the same ledger to another pool.

You can read this post also, it will answer your question → Multiple Daedalus wallets with Ledger Nano X

Hope it helps :+1:

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Hi @andreassosilo , thank you for your info. I used my ledger to create a wallet on and then pair it with Daedalus. After paring, the wallet I created on Adalite is sync with the wallet on Daedalus so it is still same wallet.

I will try the Yoro wallet and let you know if it’s working.

will be the same, because daedalus, yoroi or adalite is just an interface to manage your ledger

So what you are saying Alex is that he will need to buy another ledger hard wallet to split his ADA holdings and therefore stake on a second pool? 1 ledger account per pool??

Hi @nukrypto ,

at the moment yes. One Ledger device for one wallet. And one wallet could only be staked in one pool.

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You can use the Ledger “advanced passphrase” feature to keep additional wallets on a single ledger device.

It’s not the most convenient thing but it works. Here’s the details on the ledger site:


I saw that adalite already provide a kind of multidelegation option

1 wallet to more pools


hi all ,
u can do it with Eternl .
i just did it and was searching how to add them in ledger live , seems ledger live doen,t support it yet ,

anyhow , on Eternl add hardware wallet , choose Ledger , and u can create other accounts
i made 5 accounts @ words perfectly as u can see in the pic attached.