Multiple Daedalus wallets with Ledger Nano X

Hi, at present I have 3 wallets set up in Daedalus and I stake from all 3. I want to continue to use Daedalus with a Ledger Nano X. I would like to confirm that I need a separate Ledger for each wallet which means I need to purchase 2 more. I want to be as secure as possible so if this is what I need to do then that is fine but if there is another option now or in the near future than I would love to know. Thank you!

Currently its not possible to use multiple wallets on your Ledger, however id say it should be possible in the future.


Thank you Fabian.

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However you can have the same ledger for unlimited wallet restores.

  1. Create a wallet with ledger (get new seed words)

  2. Access that in Daedalus, send ada to it.

  3. Reset ledger and start new - get new seed words, save them.

  4. Access that in daedalus, it’s a different wallet. Send ada there.

Repeat again until you have the desired wallets all protected by your hardware wallet.

It is a little time consuming as you need to reset your ledger each time for new seed words. You can see all your wallets in daedalus and send ada to them without a ledger. However when you want to make a transaction from a certain wallet, you will need to know which seed words are protecting that specific wallet, to reset and restore your ledger using the seed words to gain control of those funds.

Time consuming, especially to set up, but it does protect all your different wallets with a single hardware wallet

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Thank you for the creative solution… much appreciated.

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There is also an easier way without resetting Ledger all the time. The feature is called “temporary passphrase”. It uses the 24 words, which are set once, plus a temporary passphrase, which is set in every session, to generate the set of keys. So you can assign one passphrase for every Daedalus wallet you want to use. The feature is described here on the Ledger support pages. It is also possible to assign a passphrase (but only one) to an alternative PIN.

But please pay attention: In order to recover the wallets, you likewise need the passphrase in addition to the 24 words, so make sure to back them up on paper too.


Thank you waldmops. Much appreciated!

Nice, I did not know this! Will look into it

I tried, but the Daedalus shows me the same old ledger x account when I try to add a new account and connect a ledger with a new passphrase. have you tried it?

It works if you delete the wallet in Daedalus first and then re-add it after starting it with the new passphrase.

This seems to be a bug in Daedalus. I wish the developers would focus more on fixing core functionality like this instead of tweaking pool rankings and the like.