More than 2 wallets using nano ledger?

When will be possible to have more than 1 wallet via nano ledger? Or maybe is available already?

And why nano ledger is more secure than using 24 words seed?

With nearly all wallet apps except for Daedalus and Yoroi, you can have multiple accounts in the same wallet. They have their own stake and payment addresses, mostly behave like additional wallets (you also have to do transactions to get assets from one account to the other), and are only connected by being derived from the same master key – seed phrase or hardware wallet.

Hardware wallets are more secure, because (and if) the secrets never leave the hardware. You only ever give the seed phrase to the hardware wallet and all transactions are signed on the hardware wallet. So, the secrets cannot be stolen by malware on your computer. But that only works if you really keep away the hardware wallet’s seed phrase from any Internet-connected device.

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