Yoroi Wallet - multiple addresses

Hello Team,

My Son and I both own 1 Ledger Nano S and we both own Cardano ADA tokens. We would like to have two separate addresses for each of our tokens and keep them both on the ledger nano S.

How can we setup two separate addresses on our Ledger to hold ADA tokens?

Thank you.

Hey @greavette

You and your son own only one Ledger device is that correct? Currently its not possible to use multiple wallets on the same Ledger device with Cardano.


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Hello Zyroxa,

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post!

Would the Daedalus wallet allow for us each having our own wallet then? Perhaps this is something just not available from Yoroi wallet.

Thank you.

Nope currently thats not possible, anyway it should be possible in the future.


It is possible. Read this article, and I use it that way. I have two Ledger device and having multiple wallets on it with yoroi. Though in Daedalus you cannot do that only on yoroi.

Hello @_ilap ,

I appreciate your reply. But I’m not understanding how to add more than one ADA address to my ledger through either Daedalus or Yoroi wallets? The advanced passphrase security…how does this allow me to add more than one ADA address?

Thank you

Hello @greavette ,

I was puzzled by @_ilap’s response, but I looked into this more and it does work.

After you login with your pin on Ledger Nano , you go into your settings / security menu, you will find the option to enter a temporary password.

This password sets up a whole other generator for addresses and private keys.

Now you can use the ledger to connect to Yoroi and it will be recognized as a separate address.

Whenever you have to re-enter your pin after power down or timeout/screen saver, you will have to again set the same temporary passord you did last time to be aligned with your new generator for addresses.

If you set a different temporary password, you will get yet another unique address and private key generator. You could have a huge number of unique addresses this way. This is very cool! It’s also a lot more clicking on your device.


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