Yoroi wallet -ledger

I want to gift some ada on a ledger nano s.
Can i connect the new nano to my yoroi wallet or do i need to have 2 different yoroi wallets.
Can i connect several nano s to the same yoroi wallet with different amounts stored on each nano?

I think this video will help

I would use a new wallet with a new device, the wallet addresses are going to different for each device.

Thanks canopus,
I’ve watched the tutorial and set up both nano and yoroi, just wanted to know if i could use the 1 yoroi wallet for several nano s.
When you connect the nano via yoroi won’t it just show what is on the device connected?

I don’t have multiple Ledger nano. However, I’ve tried with a couple Trezor model-T.

Yoroi detects the name of the device when it is first connected - I have different names for each device to avoid confusion. When I connect the device for the first time Yoroi tells me that I have successfully integrated my Trezor device. After that nothing changes on the wallet even if I disconnect my device and connect another one.

I have to integrate the second device using a new chrome profile/user and I have to go through the same steps again I went through for the first device.

I doubt the behavior is any different for Ledger nano.

Thankyou i guess i could just test to see with a small amount.
Thankyou for your time.

You could use multiple Chromium profiles for each device (distributed either from within or across browsers Chrome/Brave/Yandex) or alternatively, use adalite instead.

Rdlrt - What is adalite, is that a wallet from cardano / emurgo.
Multi chrome profiles, do you mean one on chrome and another on brave browser?

https://adalite.io was made by https://vacuumlabs.com they were also responsible for the Cardano Ledger app and won the crypto puzzle at the IOHK Summit 2019.

If you setup your Yoroi already it’s a great way to configure a new Ledger. Also great in terms of ‘plausible deniability’ because adalite leaves no traces behind. After using AdaLite.io you can no longer “look into” the account to see the balance, unless you replug your hardware wallet.

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Yes, as @adatainment explained :+1:t3:
Also, about second part of your question wrt multiple profiles, you could either opt to have one ledger connected to chrome , other to brave, OR you could create a new Chrome user (Press Ctrl+Shift+M in Chrome and then click Manage people to add new Chrome users). Each user thus created would maintain seperate profile information for extensions, thus, allowing you to keep
info regarding multiple ledger devices saved.
Thus, there are multiple choices, I too think adalite might suite such needs better. But you can elect to use Yoroi as well.

Thankyou very much for your time people, ill try the adalite first.