Been using Yoroi Chrome extension, now have a Nano S

Finally got a Nano S after managing my Ada using just the Yoroi Chrome extension for the past year. Is there a way to link the existing Ada wallet with the Nano S, or do I basically need to set up a new Yoroi Chrome extension with the Nano S, then do a send from the Yoroi soft wallet address to the new hardware wallet address?


U will need to install cardano app (on ledger) then connect the ledger to yoroi using connect ledger option… and a new wallet (ledger) will be created

Then send from standard yoroi wallet 5 ada for test to ledger… then disconnect ledger and try to connect it on … if u see the right balance (5ADA) means that is fine and u can transfer all funds (but keep 1 ADA for rewards withdraw)
Being a new wallet u will need to register and delegate… and also u will still receive rewards in your old standard yoroi wallet next 2-3 epochs so don’t delete the wallet yet