From Yoroi to Ledger

Ahoy hoy,
Im new to this and was hoping someone could clarify a few things for me. I have my ada in a Yoroi wallet and just ordered a Ledger NanoX. Once setup, can the existing wallet be transferred to Ledger or does Ledger always create its own wallet [meaning transferring funds to that new wallet]? And if so, do I have to re-delegate my funds to a pool? Im assuming the pooling is not affected and its just the wallets that are being swapped? TIA


Now u have ur ADA on yoroi wallet
When u will configure ur ledger, u will install from ledger live the cardano application; then u will manage ur ada ledger wallet through yoroi… the answer is yes, Ledger will have it’s own ada wallet and u will need to transffer ur ADA to new wallet from ledger!

Moving ur ADA from yoroi wallet to ledger wallet u will need to redelegate ur ada, and u can do this connecting ledger wallet to yoroi and then go to delegation center.

Be careful, first time try to transffer a small amount!!!

Happy delegation!


Thanks Alex :smiley:

One more question Alex, when setting up a NanoX with Yoroi [on iOS], does it only work wired through Firefox plugin [PC/Mac] or can it be done through BT with the iPhone? Thanks again for your help

I didn’t tried via BT, but u can try to see if it’s working… I think it should work.