Funds on Yoroi but not on Ledger

Dear all,
I am very new in cryptocurrency trade.
I have ledger Nano X and installed Yoroi on my crome.

I bought some Cardano frome Changelly and thing is, I can see Cardano on Yoroi wallet even if Ledger is not connected.

Question: Are ADA just on Yoroi but not stored on my ledger?
If yes, I do I store on Ladger?

thank you

Hi Gabriele,
I have that same issue on my Ledger Nano. I can see on Yoroi wallet and had thought when i launch Ledger Live you can use that to view your account and such - Not sure what the Ledger Live site is for. The ADA i have loaded onto the NANO and can receive using the device. I am fairly new to Crypto so i am sure i may be missing something. That said i have been investing in ADA since Feb 2019 pretty regularly for the long term. Hope to see any replies to your message

Take Care

This is perfectly normal. You need to connect the Ledger to move ADA but not just to confirm how much you have. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nano only keeps your private key!

I have the same setup. You don’t need to worry about anything - this is perfectly normal.

Ledger Nano stores your private keys. Yoroi, in this case, acts like an interface for accessing the blockchain. So when you created your Yoroi wallet and synced it with your Ledger device, it created a public key from your private key on the HW wallet.

Anyone can view the current balance of any address on the blockhain. That’s why you can see your balance in Yoroi even if your Ledger Nano is not connected. In order to perform a transaction, you need to sign it with your private key. So without a connected Ledger device, you can’t transfer any funds from Yoroi.

Ledger live is just an app from Ledger used for managing the device. It can also manage your accounts but they support only limited number of currencies for this usecase (Cardano is not one of them).

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Thank you Smedzlatko for the explanation! I understand now & eliminates my worries.

Much Appreciated!

thank you very helpful

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