Transfer to Ledger Live from Yoroi-Ledger Account - Nano X

I successfully received ADA in my Yoroi-Ledger account. How do I get it to show up in Ledger Live now? I have installed the Cardano app on my Nano X, but don’t know what to do now. I chose Shelly. Not sure if that was correct.

Hey @HeyEph

Cardano is currently not supported by Ledger Live and thats why you cant add a Cardano account there.


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Ugh. Thanks. Are there plans to support it?
If not, is there at least a way to see the current value of my ADA?

You would have to ask Ledger if there are plans ot support it, since its their software :slight_smile:

Anyway i think with the next Update from Daedalus you should be able to see the value of your holdings there.


Would I need to transfer my ADA to Daedalus?

Nope you can simple connect your ledger via Daedalus.

Can you please provide the link for the Daedalus wallet? → Individuals → Daedalus

Thanks! So, if I install that, Daedalus will automatically pick up my ADA currently in Yoroi?

Your Coins arent stored in Yoroi.

If you are using a Ledger your private keys are stored inside the device. So if you connect it via Daedalos, Yoroi or Adalite, you will have access to your funds.

So, does Daedalus JUST handle ADA? I don’t want it accessing all my other crypto.

Yes you are currently only able to manage ADA with Daedalus.

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Does it normally take a LOOOONNGGG time to sync the balance and transaction history with the blockchain if I only have one ADA transaction?

Nevermind. Just read this is normal the first time. Am getting a new computer in like two days. I assume I’ll have to do this all over again?

Yes because you are downloading the whole blockchain when you use Daedalus.

Or, if I am cloning my drive, will the blockchain come with it?

Also, does my Nano X need to be plugged in to my PC during this sync?

Drat! As mentioned, bad timing on this, as I got a new PC over the weekend. Before I switched, Daedulus did compete the download of the block chain, and I saw my ADA. However, on my new PC, I can’t seem to be able to reconnect. It completes the “blockchain” check, but it is not connecting to my ledger device.


Phone my recovery phrase list for Yoroi (15 words) and that seemed to work, but then it returned with a balance of zero.