Moving ADA from Binance US to Ledger Nano X

I am a fairly new to this Crypto World and I have bought some ADA from Binance US and I also bought Ledger Nano X for me to secure my purchases in the wallet.

I installed the ADA app on the ledger but it does not give me the option to create account inside the ADA app so I can generate the receive address and when I click on learn more, it take me to to a link

On this link I am set up Yoroi so I can move my ADA from Binance US to Yoroi and then connect my ledger nano X to Yoroi to secure my ADA tokens and when I am generating receive address and putting that in Binance US to withdraw my ADA from there, it is giving me error that portion of my assets are locked or frozen. {NOT PUTTING RECEIVING ADDRESS IN IMAGE FOR SECURITY REASONS BUT I HAVE IT FROM YOROI}


Can someone help on this please on how I can successfully move my ADA to Ledger Nano X with or without using Yoroi?

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You can also use Daedalus or both work fine with the Nano X. With Adalite you can transfer the tokens immediately, while Daedalus first needs to have a local copy of the blockchain. Start with Adalite.

The Cardano app for Ledger does not (yet) integrate with LedgerLive, so you won’t be able to create an account in LedgerLive. That may change in future, for now however you can see/manage your balance just fine with the two wallets mentioned above.

I don’t use Yoroi, so I can’t comment on that.

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Hey @tomdx

I looked in the also and it does not have the option to receive coming up. May be a bug that is in place right now on that exchange and I have read few other posts also about this issue on some other blogs as well.

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First of all, first time try to transfer a small amount…now.

Connect your ledger to yoroi - go to yoroi - add wallet shelley - connect to ledger
now you can manage your ledger through yoroi…
in yoroi go to receive section, generate another address , copy it and paste to binance to Recipient’s ADA Address (go to wallet - overview - withdraw - crypto - search for ada coin paste your address from yoroi -choose cardano network - enter the amount - and confirm)
Then I think you will receive an email for confirmation! you need to confirm the transaction!

!!! First time, try with small amount, just in case. And wait more time, possilbe the withdraw to be delayed due to high exchange activity !!!

PS: int the screenshot it is a daedalus old address, you should have addr1…


Hey Alex @Alexd1985 ,

Thanks for the reply. I will definitely follow these steps.
I am also seeing a meesgae on my buy and sell history page on Binance US that because I have recently bought some more ADA, it is showing that I have to wait for trade or withdraw for around 5-8 days but I am not sure if that will block me to previous ADA purchase also which I made like almost 10 days before.

May be yes, because it is a same token?? What do you say? Let me know if you did not understand what I mean and I will simplify it with example :slightly_smiling_face:

should not be… or maybe they freeze the wallet? anyway u can test. and you will should see a message if you can or can’t withdraw ur previous ADA

but please first time try with a small amount.

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@Alexd1985 I also have bought some DOGE from Binance US and I was able to move that to Ledger Nano X so this shows that my whole wallet is not in freeze state but yes, my purchases are for ADA. I have also emailed ledger and Binance US Support to know if this is the case that they freeze all the tokens (the one that were purchased before like ADA) also along with the any new recent same token purchases (in this case ADA)

I will keep you posted when I receive a reply as this is some kinda new information to learn is anyone has this issues in future

ok. I wanted to say that perhaps they froze your ADA wallet, not all wallets, because on binance you have a wallet for each currency supported by the exchange…

Let me know when you will move your ADA, and I will let you know more about the delegation process!


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@Alexd1985 True my friend. They have a separate wallets for each token and I am not able to withdraw just ADA as I mentioned. I will definitely keep you posted as soon as I receive a reply and then I will try with small amount of ADA withdrawn as you have guided. And then we can move on the delegation process :slight_smile:

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when you go to follow my steps, at step 1 from the screenshot you will be able to see the amount of ADA available for withdraw… can you check now?

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I see the whole amount of ADA that I have but that is Available Balance and does not say Available to Withdraw and that Available Balance also consists of the new ADA token that I have purchased but on the “Buy and Sell” history, I am seeing this for them

aaa, ok, then wait, not a big deal at all.

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True. Thanks again @Alexd1985 for all the guidance. I will let you know as soon as I have an update :slight_smile: It was nice talking to you on this forum.

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you are welcome, anytime!

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@Alexd1985 hey Alex, How are you my friend.

So as we discussed last time, I was able to move all my ADA into the Wallet and now I want to know about staking it. Can you guide me?

Perfect, go to delegation center… choose a pool and delegate (the spending password will need)

!!! This will not mean u will send ADA out of the wallet to another address!

Rewards are delayed by 2 epochs so if u will delegate now (epoch 285) you ADA will became active in epoch 287 so the first rewards (if the pool will create blocks in epoch 287) will be in epoch 289 (rewards for epoch 287)

289 - rewards for epoch 287
290 - rewards for epoch 288
and so on