Sending ada from binance to yoroi


Im quite a begginer in that kind of staff but i’ve got a question.

I have got some ada on my binance account. i’d like to send it to my ledger nano s where i have rest of my ada.

But i found out one thing. When my ledger is not connected i cant send any ada from my yoroi wallet but still i can send ada for exampel from my deadalus wallet to yoroi.

so when i can be sure that all my ada are on ledger not on yoroi?

Hey @rev84

It seems like you are missing some of the basic information about blockchain in general.

If you send your ada tokens from Binance to Yoroi, your token never “arrives” on yoroi. There is just a new block in the blockchain. the token are also not on your Nano ledger s, this hardware wallet is just like a safe for your private keys.

Yoroi, Daedalus and all those wallets are just like a explorer to show you the balance which are on the blockchain.

So basicly you can check your public key in any explorer like and check if you sent your token to the correct private key :slight_smile:

I hope this statement will help you understand a little more.


So if I would like to now send my ADA’s from binance to yoroi but I dont have at this moment access to my ledger it will still be sent(moved to block) to adress(yoroi) which is secured by my ledger

Am I right?

It’s looks like ledger is only for secure from withdraw tokens

exactly! you only need your ledger if you wanna move them out of your wallet.

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maybe it helps you to understand it better if you imagine your wallet is a piggy bank.

everyone is able to toss a coin inside, but you are the only one with the key which allows you to withdraw the money inside.


All clear. Thank you very much!

you are welcome.

if you got any futher questions feel free to ask here or send me a direct message.

have a nice day! :slight_smile:

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One more question :wink:

If I would like to restore my yoroi wallet, then I’m suppose to use phrases from ledger?(to be honest i dont remember if there were any phrases just for yoroi)

well are you using a nano ledger? if so you have to restore your ledger if you wiped it.

after that you simple connect your ledger and open yoroi with it :slight_smile:

So for example.

I’ve got two computers. One had already installed yoroi and I would like to install it on the second one.
Im using ledger nano. So I just install yoroi on second computer connect ledger to it and the ballance will automaticly update?

exactly :slight_smile:

Hy everyone. Thanks in advance for your response
Every time I try to send ada from binance to my yoroi wallet a address-verification -failed message appears
I can send ada from binance to deadallus and vice versa.
I have both the yoroi and deadallus wallet downloaded to my desk top.
Any thoughts?

Hi, welcome to the forum. You really should start a new topic on this, adding support questions to existing threads can cause all kinds of confusion.

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Hi i am a newbi and i sent Ada from binance to yoroi
Using the cardano address from my yoroi shelley era wallet.
In binance it say
Confermation (0/300)
What dose it mean??

Thank you

Should be there by now.