Issue with withdrawal ada from binance to yoroi ledger

Hello I’m newbie, I have a ledger nano s and yoroi installed. I created the yoroi ledger wallet on yoroi but when I want to confirm the address it gives an error saying that something inexpected and to try again and it happens every time I try to confirm the address and doesn’t appear the address on the ledger to confirm it… I still did the withdraw of some Ada from binance. The Ada transfered appear in yoroi but when I want to check my balance in cardano app in the nano s doesn’t appear anything.
Another question is that when I click on the Shelley wallet it says that it’s not compatible with the hardware selected version although when I created the wallet I selected Shelley.
And the last question is that I did a withdrawal from binance to yoroy without the ledger connected to the computer but it appears the right balance on yoroi. How do I know if my ada are saved on the ledger…
Sorry if it’s a bit confused


Connect the ledger on

Are u seeing the right balance?

If not it means u sent the ada to a simple yoroi wallet, not ledger one


Hi there @veraro,

I use Yoroi paired with Ledger Nano S too. And using Binance for exchange.

What you need to do:

  • First, open Ledger Live, update your firmware of Ledger Nano S to version 2.0.0
  • Then go to Ledger Live > Manager, update to the latest Cardano app version available
  • In Yoroi, click add wallet > Connect to Ledger Nano. This should restore or create your wallet.
  • Click Receive tab, get a receiving address. Withdraw your ADA from Binance to this receiving address (use Cardano network with 1 ADA fee from Binance)

I’ll try to connect the ledger to adalite and see…
Yes it shows the right amount of Ada withdraw from binance on yoroi…
If I connect the ledger to adalite should /can I transfer the Ada from yoroi?
Thank you

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Yes, u can use for transactions

Don’t forget to delegate for rewards


PS: Do u have ADA also in a simple yoroi wallet?

U can send them to the ledger address from adalite

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Hello, I have the latest firmware and latest cardano app and I add wallet in yoroi. I have now 2 wallets. 1 with the amount I had before and the new one with zero Ada.
I click on the receive button and appears the address but it doesn’t allow me to verify on the ledger wallet…
I’m using Firefox…
Thank you

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Ok, don’t use firefox, install chrome and add the yoroi extension in chrome

Then go to

yoroi - add wallet (shelley era) - connect ledger

Check if everything is fine, balance, etc ; then u can delete the yoroi from firefox and start using chrome



I think @Alexd1985 already answered it. Thanks @Alexd1985 :100::ok_hand:t2:


Thank you I’ll try that

By the way, it’s a common misconception to think of ADA as being “in your wallet” (hardware or software), in fact it never leaves the blockchain, your wallet does only contain a key pair that enables you to spend it. Many scams end up being successful because of the false sense of security that users may have as long as their wallet is with them.


Yes I understand and thank you for your answer.

But how do I’m sure that my ledger have it or is just an yoroi wallet? Because it doesn’t appear any evidence on ledger about my Ada…

I installed chrome and new yoroi extension, create new hardware wallet, Shelley, now I can confirm the “receive” address in the ledger wallet but when I click on Shelley wallet it’s appears a message saying that the hardware doesn’t support…

Sorry I don’t now how to explain this better…

Thank you


Well, if you know the transaction hash or the public address associated then you can confirm it with a blockchain explorer, e.g.


Thanks for the info, I’ll check it out

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No problem :slight_smile: there is also the official Cardano blockchain explorer.

You’ll find a video explaining about it on a dedicated article on IOHK website.

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