Withdraw from Yoroi to Ledger Nano S

Have searched everywhere but can’t find the answer so hoping this will work!

I have ADA on Yoroi, but when I try to withdraw it forces me to try and do it through my Ledger Nano S. As you know, Ledger doesn’t have an ADA app anymore. So essentially, I can’t send any ADA from Yoroi as it’s connected to my Ledger wallet, which doesn’t have the app.

How do I send my ADA from Yoroi to my Ledger Nano S or an exchange??


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What do you mean? Of course there is an Cardano app for your Ledger device.

Open Ledger Live → Manage and install the Cardano app.


Nope, Ledger Live won’t let me install the app, it says “needs 3rd party wallet”

That are probably two different things.

“Needs third-party wallet” just means that you can only use it together with a wallet app like Yoroi, Eternl, Daedalus, …, not in Ledger Live itself.

But to do that, you, of course, have to install the app on the Ledger.

Most often, the reason for not being able to install is that the Ledger Cardano app is huge and there is not enough space left on the device.

As @HeptaSean already said, you do need the app if any 3rd party wallet should be able to communicate with your Ledger device.

So id recommand to uninstall any other applications on your Ledger (you can simply reinstall them again and you dont lose any coins if you uninstall the apps) and then you should be able to connect your Ledger via any 3rd party wallet like Typhon, Eternl, Flint or Adalite.

Feel free to ask here if you need any more help.

Made rookie mistake, someone pretending to be support messaged me and I clicked on their link. Led me to this site [Link removed by @Zyroxa] where they got me to send to another wallet and phished for my seed phrase. Lost all my ADA.

If @GebraDev messages you, ignore. They are a scammer!

You can see the steal transaction here

Im really sorry to hear that and it makes me angry that such scammers are here in this forum…

Can you please flag this DM of yours so that we can take actions against him?

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Obviously they’re experts, I can’t find the DM anymore…

Sadness that will taint my experience with Cardano.

I’ll never forget that Cardano is spelt with one ‘n’ not two as in the link they sent. Watch out folks, learn from my mistake.

Ive already deleted the user so you probably wont find the DM anymore.

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On the positive side, I did what @HeptaSean suggested and this is what worked - deleted all the apps on Ledger Live so I could finally install Cardano app.

So TL;DR if people have the same issue of not being able to install the app on Ledger, just delete the other apps and you will have the option to install Cardano app again.