Cant Send ADA from my Ledger Nano S using Yoroi

I wanted to send some ADA from my Ledger Nano S, but whenever I enter the amount and the adress and continue and press the button “Send via Ledger” (or something like that my app is in another language so i have to roughly translate it) it says “This Hardware Wallet is not currently supported” then a new tab opens for Ledger Connect which never stops loading.

Help would be definetly appreciated.

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You have to update Ledger firmware and wait for Yoroi to be updated (should be soon now).

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thanks for the fast reply,
my Firmware is 1.6.0 and the ADA app is now 2.0.3
so now i just have to wait for Yoroi to update?

My firmware is the latest 1.6.0. I had problem, even before Yoroi became unusable, I am also having problem with sending my coins through adalite. Additionally, the Ledger Manager do not show up in the Ledger Live. When I try to install Ledger Manager, a Chrome extension only is available, there is no Web based Ledger Manager for me, but people like Cryptodad in youtube have that version.My Ledger Live is 2.9.0, the latest. I will send you a MS word file that has images and explains a lot. I have diffuculties to install ada app too.

Please don’t send me anything, I don’t use either Ledger, Yoroi, or Adalite, only pass on info I see in places like this. I’ll drop out of this thread now.

hey feyio…

i also cant send my ADA from yoroi wallet ( ledger nano s ). this hardware wallet is not currently supported. but i think we must upgrade to shelley wallet, but i dont know how to upgrade.

do u already can send your ADA?



Still cant send anything. Did you find something?
hayamoto_jr posted a informative link, however Im not sure if Im missing something in Yoroi.

What kind of address are you trying to send to? If the destination address starts with Ae... or DdzFF..., that’s an old Byron-era address and we can’t send to those anymore. Now that Shelley is live, we can only send to the new addresses starting with addr1..., as far as I know.

its an addr1 address, dont know if it only occurs if you try to send ada stored on a ledger device or if this problem is on a normal wallet too.
Guess I have to wait it out.
Was thinking about trying to restore the wallet in Daedalus but not sure if its worth putting in all the recovery stuff

I see. So you’re using the 1.6.0 Ledger Nano S firmware and the 2.0.3 Cardano app for Ledger, these are both the latest version right now, so that’s good. Also, you’re trying to send to an address that starts with addr1..., that’s also good.

What I don’t exactly understand is, what app are you using to interact with the Ledger device? Since it’s a hardware wallet, I recommend trying, since it’s compatible with Shelley and the Ledger Nano S device. Yoroi and Daedalus aren’t all the way there at the moment.

Steps 1-12 from this AdaLite guide explain how to convert your Ledger ADA balance into to Shelley-compatible, then you can send ADA in AdaLite from the Sending tab like this.

I definitely don’t recommend entering your Ledger mnemonic into Daedalus, you’d have to reset the device, create a new phrase, and transfer everything to new addresses to make the hardware wallet secure again.

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thanks so much man!
I can now access and send my ADA via adalite
One more question, I kinda like the surface of Daedalus more than adalite but what would you advice in terms of security and reliability?
Thanks again

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Using a hardware wallet is generally more secure than using a software one, because the private key that holds the funds is completely cut off from the Internet. Even if your computer is hacked or you use a fake scam wallet program, your hardware wallet can’t be emptied easily through it, as you have to manually press send on the hardware wallet device for that to happen. You also get to see the address you’re sending to on the hardware wallet’s display, this can’t be forged or falsified. A software wallet doesn’t really protect against your computer getting hacked, or against scam wallets.

The important thing is that you never, ever type your Ledger recovery phrase into a computer or phone. It’s best to keep it offline, e.g. written down on paper.

The good news is that Daedalus and Yoroi will get hardware wallet support in the coming weeks, so then you can enjoy the nicer user interface of Daedalus while using a secure hardware wallet too.

Charles Hoskinson released an in-depth lecture on this subject just now: Security Foundations: How to Secure Your Wallet Recovery Phrase for Cryptocurrency Wallets – YouTube