Trying to move ADA off Yoroi to an exchange using Ledger Nano s

Trying to move ADA off Yoroi to an exchange. I click “Send using Ledger” . It opens another tab in Chrome and “Loading” endlessly.
Yoroi says “This hardware wallet is currently not supported.”
Ledger says “Waiting for command”

downloaded the Yoroi app on Ledger just now.

Thanks for your help!

Hey @username999

Yoroi is currently under maintainence and does not work with hardware wallets.

However if its urgent you could use adalite in the meantime.



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please avoid posting the same question in different categories, thank you much.


Sorry about that. Thanks.

Thanks Zyroxa. Is this the appropriate tutorial for that? How to use Adalite / Yoroi Wallet with Ledger Nano S! Tutoiral!

Or how long do you think before the Ledger will work?

Cheers. Thanks again.

Seems like the tutorial you posted doesnt exist anymore. Here is a current guide how to setup with Adalite incase you want to delegate :

Not really sure how long it will take until Yoroi is working again with HW wallets.

Thanks. I’m simply trying to get my ADA on an exchange. Is that currently possible if I set up my Yoroi wallet with my Ledger?

No, Yoroi doesn’t currently work with HW wallets, use Adalite or wait.

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Is it possible to move my ADA from Yoroi to Adalite? It seems that since I set up Yoroi with my Ledger, I can’t get it into Adalite.

Please understand, that your ada are not in Yoroi or any other wallet. You can connect your hardware wallet with any software wallet to access your ada. (somewhat similar to accessing a website with different browsers: a website is not stored in Firefox or Safari, you can access the same site with both) Using is not different from that perspective.


Oh I see! Yes I’m new to this. Thanks again.

It’s never too late to dig into these things. It will help you keep everything safe. If you have I few minutes than this may be worth a read: Cardano Stay Safe Series: Learn about different wallet types, their attack vectors and how to keep your ada safe