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I just tried to transfer my Ledger/Yoroi ADA to Daedalus and it says hardware wallet not supported, even after updating to latest version of Ledger. Are we still waiting for this to be supported or should it be working now?

Yoroi is currently still under maintenance due to the upgrade.

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As @Trigger said, Yoroi is currently still under maintenance. Hardware wallet support will come soon.

If you don’t want to wait, you can restore your hardware wallet in Daedalus or use Adalite with your Ledger.


Thanks, not such a hurry, but interested to know how I would restore a Yoroi wallet in Daedalus, I have the latest version but don’t see any option for that.

You have to enter your seed from your Ledger (i do not really recommand that if its not urgent).

I see, thanks.

I have just accidentally sent ada from Kraken to my Yoroi wallet not realising it was under maintenance. Do you think this will be safe?

Yes absolutly.


Welcome @Andy77aus to the community great to see you here

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Yoroi’s Chrome extension is working again and the ADA that I’ve on the Ledger are normally present. But there is a note:
The Shelley protocol upgrade adds a new Shelley wallet type which supports delegation.
To delegate your ADA you will need to upgrade to a Shelley wallet.

What should I do?

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Yoroi isnt working with Shelley wallets. You still have to patient or use Adalite

How do i get the rewards from Shelly Testnet? Do I have to transfer it from Yoroi Testnet Wallet?

When you joined the ITN you created a new wallet for your rewards. That wallet / balance will be transferred to mainnet, so you can restore it with your private keys. So no need to transfer.

Of course you can transfer the funds from that reward wallet to your regular mainnet wallet if you want.

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At roughly 9.45pm UTC this evening! :smile:

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Do you know the date when this will be possible on Yoroi?

In about a week :vulcan_salute:

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