Issues with claiming awards and sending ada

Hello, Please help.

I am using yoroi shelley wallet. When I created this wallet I used ledger nano s. I am also staking and have no issues. Up until now, I was able to send/ receive my ada. But As I want to withdraw my ada rewards, or send my ada to exchange, I just cannot do it. when I try to send my ada, for example, I a click confirm, a new window pops up and says confirm transaction using ledger. when I click continue, a new window appears and says "verify your identity with, pick an option: usb security key or this device. Unfortunately, it just stuck from here, I oppened my cardano app in my ledger but nothing happens. Please Help. Thank you

You could try as an alternative - it seems to work better with Ledger.

Thank you. But I cannot move my ada even if I use ADALite. What should I do?

By the way, I am using mac and chrome for yoroi.

Your ADA is on the blockchain - not on Yoroi nor on Ledger. You can use any ADA compatible wallet that connects to Ledger to send your ADA. Daedalus is a full node client, which will download the whole blockchain to your computer (i.e. it takes a while to sync). Both Yoroi and ADALite are light clients - you can use them interchangibly.

Thank you for your help. But I am kind a noob here. If I install daedelus and create an acount with ledger. Can I move my ada from my yoroi ledger wallet to Daedalus wallet? Sorry for this stupid question

Again, if you have a Ledger - this is the key to your ADA on the Blockchain. Yoroi and ADALite are just clients that can use that key. Try it out, you’ll see it works.

  • Choose “Unlock with Ledger”
  • Press the buttons on your device to export 6 public keys
  • You should then see your ADA (that are associated with the addresses provided fromLedger)


Thank you. It Worked!! Thank you very much.

UR welcome :wink: