Can't transfer ada on ledger

How can crypto ever truly get adopted mainstream when it is still so difficult to use and hold?

I have been a holder for many years and just realized I have never transferred to shelley. I store my ada on a ledger and didn’t think I had to worry as a long term holder. Now I cannot transfer my tokens anywhere with any wallet.

Can someone please help and give me some guidance.

Thank you

whats exactly the issue? There is a easy way to migrate from Byron to Shelley era via Yoroi wallet.

Simply connect your Ledger to Yoroi and migrate your funds to a new shelley wallet.

Thank you for replying. I tried this multiple times it doesn’t work. Ledger makes you go through multiple transactions then nothing happens. I can see my ada in the byron wallet and created a shelley one to transfer. Yoroi just doesnt transfer it. Trying to get Daedulas now but download is taking forever.

Yeah i think you should be also able to do it via Daedalus. Lets sync it and try it there. If you arent able to migrate, i will guide you step by step through the process.

Ok sounds good thank you

did u try on (its a faster light wallet. no need to sync… daedalus will take to much and requires ~12G RAM)

and report any suspicious DM, stai safe – don’t connect your wallets on suspicious URLs !


I tried Adalite and can see my cardano there. Do I need to swap to delegate token or can I leave as is if I’m not going to stake for now? Also they created an address and it appears I can only swap all or non. Is this new address another ledger address and for shelley? Sorry for the newbie questions but I’ve been out the game for a while.

Thank you

Yep if you want to migrate you can only migrate all or none coins.

You dont have to delegate your coins once you migrate to a Shelley wallet.

If you secured your Byron wallet with your hardware wallet, your new Shelley wallet is also secured by your hardware wallet.

I hope that answers all the questions :slight_smile:

It does thank you. Also fyi ledger live does not show balance of ada if not Shelley I’m assuming. Not sure if this has ever come up but I guess it doesn’t recognize my Byron account which is how I ended up here asking.

Yes, Ledger Live only implements Shelley, never promised anything else.

As far as I can see the other part of your question is being well covered. So I will only focus in this, as mainstream adoption is a very interesting topic.

Blockchain, as any other technology is right now not ready for mainstream ror sure.
But think back a few years, how hard it was back then compared to today?

I am a drone enthusiast, so I will use my first and my current drone as an analogy.

My first drone I had to build from scratch, source parts from RC boats, cars and airplanes to frankenstein something that eventually was able to fly.

Now to my current drone, I can give the controller to any passer-by and they will navigate it safely with minimum help from me.

This is how technology usually works. As it evolves it becomes more and more user friendly.
Give it a few years of evolution and crypto will be as easy to use, and most likely interchangeable with Fiat currency (until it takes over completely :grin:).