Unable to move ada from Byron to Shelley wallet using ledger


I have a Byron wallet connect using Ledger, I created a Shelley era wallet in Yoroy using Ledger, until here everything ok.

I’m trying to move some ada from Byron to Shelley but my ledger say waiting for command and the Yoroy wallet say something unexpectable happened…

Ledger live is updated, Cardano app is updated, Yoroy extension is updated…

So I can’t move any ada… can you please help me?


Hey @alexmarine78

It seems like there is a problem with the current Ledger app or Yoroi, anyway there are several people having problems recently.

You may want to try Adalite.io, pretty sure its working with that.


Thanks I’ll try. I really appreciate the fast aswers.

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Just a tip, for the cost of 0.17 ada, it’s usually a good idea to first send a test transaction of 1 ada, than once you’ve confirmed it’s working as expected, send the remaining balance using the same procedure.

I was actually think the same… First very small amount than the big one.


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