Byron-Yoroi Ledger wallet to Shelly Yoroi Ledger wallet

I have all my ADA (Byron version) sitting in Ledger Nano (Byron Yoroi Ledger Wallet - Chrome extension).
How do i upgrade/transfer the ADA to Shelly Yoroi Ledger wallet?
Is it possible to start staking from Shelly Yoroi Ledger wallet?
I gone through few other forum articles, but couldn’t find a solution which my limited technical knowledge around this stuff. It seems to be confusing to me.
Sorry i am late in catching up with updates that might have happened in last few months.
Any help is appreciated.


Hi, I used Ada lite to convert my old Byron era wallet to a Shelley wallet. It’s pretty straight forward as I think there was a button that automatically converted it on there. Once I did this and I connected my ledger through the yoroi interface it showed all my funds in the new Shelley wallet. I found this the quickest and easiest way. If you don’t want to do this you can connect your ledger through Yoroi and create a Shelley wallet then send your coins from old Byron wallet to Shelley manually using the standard send/ receive function. Ada lite is easier though :blush: hope this helps

Thank you so much Alex85.
I never tried Ada lite before, so was little nervous to try it.
So i followed your second suggestion.
Below are the steps i did.
a) Since i already have my yoroi extension for Byron wallet, I created a new profile in Chrome and downloaded Yoroi extension.
b) I connected ledger nano s and creates a shelly wallet.
c) During this process, it prompted me an option to convert my Byron wallet ADA in Ledger nano to Shelly version. (The yoroi extension was able to identify itself that i have some ADA left in ledger nano in Byron version).
d) I clicked the option to convert ADA from Byron to Shelly and booom…It’s perfectly done.
Now i could see all my ADA in Shelly-Ledger Wallet.

Thanks Alex85 for your multiple suggestions, which gave me the confidence to try this way out.
Appreciate your help.


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Glad all goes fine, the first days was a bit hard to do this upgrade, we had some problems but all fixed now. And Adalite was the easy way that time, but just avoid adalite because of a lot scams related to the URL