Yoroi Wallet - Which do I have, Shelly or Byron Wallet? How can I tell?

Hello Forum,

I’m a bit late to upgrading my Cardano Wallet. I use a Ledger Nano S and last year saved my ADA tokens through Yoroi to my Ledger Nano S. Today I upgraded my Ledger Nano S to the latest version which also upgraded Cardano on my Ledger to the latest version.

Through Yoroi I was able to recover my ADA (I went through a transaction which I had to approve on my Ledger) and I can now see my ADA in a wallet on Yoroi. How can I tell I’m using the latest Shelly wallet? I want to make sure my ADA is safely on the latest wallet.

Thank you in advance for any direction you can provide me.

Hey @greavette

As long as you are able to delegate your ada you are using a Shelley wallet.

You can also confirm it by clicking -->

“My Wallets”

then “Back to my wallets”


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Hello @Zyroxa,

Very much appreciate the reply. I totally missed where it said under my wallet name that my wallet was Shelley.

Thank you!