Yoroi and Shelley

Hi all,

I am new to this forum but already have invested in cardano for a longer time. I think it’s a great project and now with Shelley around the corner, things will get even more interesting!

However, I have always used a Ledger nano S in combination with a yoroi wallet in which I store my ADA. Now, with Shelley coming is there any action I have to take? I.e. do I have to create a new Shelley yoroi wallet to which I need to move my ADA? And what about staking? Can this also be done through yoroi in the future?

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Hello and welcome @Cootje20

Nope you don’t have to! A new update will come soon and with that update you will be able to delegate your ada to a pool.




Hi Zyroxa,

Thank you very much for answering my questions so quickly! So I do not have to do anything? However, it is still necessary to delegate the ADA to a pool right (this will require some action from the holder right)?

nope as far as i know yoroi is updating automaticly.

yes i think it will be similar like it was in the testnet. you had to make like 5-10 clicks to delegate all your ada to a pool, so its really easy to do.


Aah thanks Zyroxa! I will keep an eye on Yoroi to see when the update comes out. By the way, Do you already have an idea when the yoroi update is released?

This answered all I wanted to know as well, thanks

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The update was released yesterday

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Thanks Sebastein!

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Hi Cootje, good to see another dutchie here :grinning:, there are some more…
Yesterday i saw in my yoroi wallet the rewards off ITN. I didnt do a recovery by myself. I think it happened automaticly.

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Hoi Harry from the Netherlands haha. Thanks for the extra information :grinning:

Super! Thanks Sebastien

hey wich nr does the update have,because i don t have the update now My version is 1.10.3

It’s a backend update, not a client update so the version number doesn’t change.
Kind in mind this update will allow you to see your total reward balance – not make transactions or re-delegate the ADA

ok thx, i don t have it(rewards) at the moment,it shall come ,i hope,

Hey Sebastien

thx for the info,but wich blockchain exployer do i have to put on my Yoroi
standard he is standing on Seiza and at the moment i havent yet see any rewards
Is this normal,or how da i can do on stalking

Thx already

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Hi Guys,

Sorry but Some things are still unclear to me. When I go to Yoroi -> claim/transfer -> Byron era wallet -> icarus/yoroi wallet I see the following (please note that I never participated in the Shelley ITN):


It says legacy wallets created before November 2019 cannot Be used. However, my wallets is from March 2019. Does this mean that I cannot transfer my funds to a Shelley yoroi wallet anymore when the procedure to move funds to a Shelley yoroi wallet is ready? I hope this is not the case…

It means those funds cannot be used for transactions, can only be transferred.

Okay so I can still move my ADA from my current yoroi wallet to a new Shelley yoroi wallet (when the procedure for doing this is released), right?

Your situation is not clear to me but if you’ve done the transfer from the legacy wallet already, or do it now, then I believe you’re good to go.

thanks for responding. Well I do not have anything to transfer, if the transfer option is only created for transferring ITN rewards. The only thing I did was investing in ADA and transferring ADA from an exchange to my wallet that I created in March 2019. And I’m still using that same wallet. What is then the action I need to take to transfer to Shelley?