Ledger | How to upgrade Ledger Yoroi Wallet from Byron to Shelley in Ledger to be able to stake

Hi guys,

How can I upgrade Ledger Yoroi Wallet from Byron to Shelley?

When accesing with Ledger to Yoroi it automatically enters a Byron era Wallet, how can I transform it so that it could instead access to a Yoroi Shelley Wallet?

Thank you in advance,

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Hey @Ayzen

Yoroi is currently under maintenance and does not support Shelley right now. You still have to wait for the next update which will come in the next few days.



Thank you @Zyroxa I thought we could already stake on it since I saw Yoroi team advertising their pools.

I have much the same question, but for the Trezor T. I have a ‘Trezor wallet’ and have uprgaded its firmware but am told I have to upgrade to a ‘Shelley wallet’ if I want to delegate. What I really need is a Trezor+Shelley wallet and understandably I want to stake from it. When will this be possible? Thanks in advance from OddPod

Hi Ayzen,
I was trying to figure this same thing out, though now when trying to send any ADA using the Yoroi wallet attached to my ledger it keeps sending me to a “connect your trezor” page after entering the address and amount and clicking the 'Send with Ledger" button. Please help me access my ADA if you have any advice.

Yoroi does not support your Ledger device at the moment. You have to wait for the next update or use Adalite.io in the meantime.

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