How to proceed with Yoroi ledger upgrad

when upgrading to the new release of Yoroi for ledger users, it asks you to choose a byron era or shelly era wallet. I have a byron era yoroi-ledger wallet, so do I choose that one and yoroi will upgrade it? Or do I choose shelly era and yoroi will import my ada from byron era wallet?

Hey @randalert

Connect your Ledger
Select Byron Wallet
Add a new Shelley Wallet by click the small arrow near your balance
Your funds should be transfered to your shelley wallet

when I do that it says create new wallet as an option, so I have to create a new wallet? will it still use my original ledger 24 word seed phrase?

Yep exactly.

why do I need a spending password then, shouldn’t my ledger be the transaction authorization?

well now I have 2 wallets a byron ledger wallet and a shelley wallet with a 15 word passphrase and a spending pw. but I want to stake with ledger. What now? funds were not transferred.

Did you already used your Ledger device before the hard fork?

yes I think so, my balance is in the byron ledger wallet

Check out that guide :

ok I see but now i’m staking from a 15 word wallet i want to stake from the ledger. if I do this my ledger nano s is out of the loop.

Connect your Ledger --> Copy the receiving address --> send your funds from your main wallet to your ledger wallet

I don’t understand, I can’t stake from the ledger wallet

You may want to post a picture of your Yoroi with hidding the amount of your funds? Because im not really sure at which step you are.

that guide is from august 11th by the way

Hi Randalert,

As you have now moved your ada off your ledger.

Go back to yoroi connect your ledger and access hardware wallet. This time click Shelley era, not Byron.

Then get your receive address (will start with Addr) and send your ada to that.

Now your ada will be back on your ledger on a shelley era address. You can then delegate using your ledger :grin:

I don’t see access hardware wallet anywhere, you mean claim/transfer?

No, go to add wallet. Click access hardware wallet. Select shelley era.

Make sure your ledger is connected

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Thank you very much!

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No worries at all