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Hi i have my ada on a yoroi ledger wallet can anyone tell me how i move them to a new yoroi shelly wallet for delegating Thanks

I’m afraid you can’t move ada from any hardware wallet without the hardware. You will need to wait until Ledger is supported again. I believe at that point you will be able to stake it, but if not, you will be able to move it to a stakable wallet.

Hi Rob, this might be the wrong thread to tag another question onto. I hope it is ok I am doing it. Also, you appear to be very knowledgeable and helpful in other threads :pray:

I have a question related to using yoroi with ledger. I have been using adalite w/ ledger to store my ada but would like to stake my ada. When I setup the yoroi wallet with ledger I named the wallet and next to the name (yoroi #1 or whatever I named it) in smaller text was “-peter1897” or something along those lines. I do not recall ever naming my ledger. I am relatively ignorant about many of the technical aspects of crypto and seeing this made me :thinking: and a little :confused: as well as skeptical about moving ada to yoroi. Should I be concerned about seeing what appears to be a random name or does the side name automatically populate?

I appreciate your help and am really trying to close my knowledge gap. It is a steep curve right now. Thanks again for your help :pray:

Strictly speaking you should have started a new topic but although it’s different from the OP your question still suits the title so we can let it go this time… :smile:

I can only guess you’re talking about the checksum. I have an old Byron Ledger wallet for which it’s ASDJ-9902. Of course your’s would be different but format-wise could that be it?

Thamks Rob managed to move them thru adalite :+1:

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@Mod2019 sorry for tagging onto your thread :upside_down_face: :dove: I am glad you were able to get your :ada: moved and are able to start earning some rewards.

@RobJF thanks for your help. Yes, I think it is the checksum. What is with the name Peter showing as my checksum? Seems like it should be some random letters and numbers. Also, to state the obvious Peter being 5 letters is different than yours with 4. Is there a set amount of digits for a checksum?

Thanks again?

Sorry William you’re asking the wrong person, I don’t know a lot about Yoroi. It does seem strange though, maybe best start a new topic on this.

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Hi just a quick question,i have my ada delegating on my new yoroi shelley wallet ,is it safe to leave my ada on this wallet until the yoroi ledger wallet upgrade ,or if i move them back to my old ledger yoroi wallet do my ada become undelegated,.

Yes they do, you either have to keep them in the same wallet or delegate them from the new one if possible. Come to think of it, your old Ledger wallet will be a Byron one, which you can’t send to now anyway.

Thanks Rob.

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hi just wondering if anybody can help,been tring to upgrade my ledger yoroi wallet,i have the new cardano upgrade on my ledger live.When i try to upgrade my ledger on yoroi i plug in hardware wallet and when i press connect to hardware wallet it wont connect it keeps saying something unexpected happened please retry,its like this for the last 2 days …confused ,any ideas.

You need to either uninstall any other version of Yoroi (eg; Yoroi nightly or Yoroi shelley testnet) installed on same browser, or create a seperate browser profile and connect from there instead.

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Thanks that helped working now :+1:t2: