Upgrading Yoroi to a Shelley wallet

Hello folks,

My current Yoroi wallet (running on Brave) version 3.0.0 displays this note:

The Shelley protocol upgrade adds a new Shelley wallet type which supports delegation.
To delegate your ADA you will need to upgrade to a Shelley wallet.

However, I can not find any option or info on the net how this can be done.

Does anyone here around have any experience with this issue?

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Yoroi still does not support Shelley Wallets. You have to be patient since they are working on the new updates.


Thank you for the update I will be looking forward to delegating my stake once the Shelley Wallet is supported on Yoroi. I tried to send my ADA to Dadelius Wallet but with being connected to my Ledger Nano S I had trouble doing so so I think I’ll leave my ADA on my Yoroi Wallet until the Shelley Wallet time.

Hey @Derek_Crans you could use adalite while Yoroi is still under maintanence for delegating your stake right now. Check out that guide : Cold stake delegation with Ledger in the AdaLite wallet

Yo< have the ability to restore your Yoroi wallet to a Daedalus wallet. You could try restoring your Yoroi wallet in Daedalus. Once in Daedalus, you can proceed with delegating

Thanks for the information but I think I will wait longer until the Yoroi Shelley Wallet is released. Cardano is a long term crypto that I think will be 2nd to only Bitcoin in value in years to come so I’m in no hurry to stake but the earning more ADA through stake delegation will be nice. I check my Yoroi Wallet at least a couple times a week to see if the Shelley Wallet is available yet so time will tell. I already have my Cardano connected to my Ledger with Yoroi and I comfortable with that as the user experience is good so I’ll just wait longer until the update. I’m just surprised that it’s taking so long.

Thanks for the information but I like the Yoroi Wallet and I’m just more comfortable having my ADA on my Ledger too while being connected to Yoroi Wallet so I think I’ll just wait until the updated Shelley Wallet gets released or offered by Yoroi

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Has anybody any idea when Yoroi wallet will upgrade to Shelley? It’s taking an awful long time!
If I want to switch to another wallet, example Adalite, should I delete the Cardano app in my Ledger Nano and reinstall? If I try to connect Adalite to Ledger I get an error message: “”””Failed to sign on with ledger, ……… make sure you are using the latest version of the cardano application”””.
How to make sure I don’t lose my ADA stored in Yoroi? (or are they already stored in Ledger?)
Quite disappointing performance from Yoroi (and Cardano - they should have checked their partners). Didn’t Yoroi know Shelly was coming? I think I will switch anyway to another wallet. Or maybe just sell my ADA asap because this is not helping at all.

Yoroi does support Shelley now but they dont support Hardware wallets right now. Will come in a few days.

Might be a good idea to reinstall your app on your Ledger device. Also make sure your browser got the right permissions.

You wont lose your ADA since they are stored in the blockchain. Just make sure you still got your seedphrase for your Ledger device and you will be safe 100%.

Yoroi is developed by EMURGO and they are doing a phantasic job so far. Its not that simple as you may think.

here is a list of different wallets : https://cardano-community.github.io/support-faq/#/Wallets/list

Well i wont really comment that :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Fabian, thanks for your extensive and focussed reply. Whow! if only everybody would respond that meticulously to every specific issue! So if i reinstall Cardano app in Ledger my ADA will be OK. In fact I think the second time I transferred ADA to Yoroi I didn’t even connect to Ledger but just sent the ADA to he same address in Yoroi (where it diligently showed up). Thanks also for the list of wallets. If it will take Yoroi only a few days to support Ledger I guess i will wait a bit. My last 2 observations were indeed a bit provocative but ADA now back at 0.137 as we speak and this Yoroi delay did not help. Anyway I am a ADAHODLr, Think they can do great by end of next year early next. Thanks again for your comments. They are very helpfull to a crypto hobbyist layman like me. :smile: Please give us a flag when yoroi is shelly with ledger, cheers, tim

If you are in hurry, you can use adalite.io with your ledger and move your ada to an exchange or already delegate them. But yeah if you arent in hurry, you probably better wait for the update :slight_smile:


Im still getting this message on my Yoroi wallet (chrome extension) “The Shelley protocol upgrade adds a new Shelley wallet type which supports delegation.
To delegate your ADA you will need to upgrade to a Shelley wallet.”

How do I update it?

Add new wallet, Create wallet, then Claim/transfer (new icon on left), Byron.

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Has YOROI now been indeed upgraded and functioning for Shelley? My desktop still mentions: ‘"""“The Shelley protocol upgrade adds a new Shelley wallet type which supports delegation. To delegate your ADA you will need to upgrade to a Shelley wallet.”""" the mobile version shows an option “add wallet byron era” or “shelley era”. Only option byron era works and then options “create wallet” or restore wallet. (connect to ledger doesn’t work yet)
Can somebody give a step by step instruction, preferably for the desktop version. And should I first wait for the Ledger Nano connection to work? I am absolutely scared that I will lose my ADA’s in the process. I am afraid that RobJF’s explanation: QUOTE ‘’’'Add new wallet, Create wallet, then Claim/transfer (new icon on left), Byron."""UNQUOTE was too cryptic. By the way I also still need to withdraw a few ADA from the exchange. Do I send them to my old Byron wallet or wait for a new Shelley wallet?

I don’t believe you can do anything on Yoroi without Ledger support, your only current option is to use AdaLite.

(And BTW, the instructions you say are too cryptic actually only require “click on” to be inserted as appropriate to be quite complete. I’m used to dealing with people who are fairly computer literate.)

Hi RobJF, I am surely not a crypto/computer crack, but I really didn’t understand that if I have already a byron wallet which needs to be upgraded to shelley, that I should add/create a new wallet - claim/transfer and then you end again with the word Byron. So I go from Byron to Byron? Anyway I now understand that without Ledger support there is nothing I can do with Yoroi. But the see my message nr 6 a week ago “”" If I try to connect Adalite to Ledger I get an error message: “”””Failed to sign on with ledger, ……… make sure you are using the latest version of the cardano application”””."""
Its probably because i am not that compute savvy but Ii seem to get stuck at all fronts.

No, Byron is mentioned because that’s the type of wallet you want to claim/transfer from. If you’d said that was the issue, rather than “too cryptic”, I’d have responded differently.

Hi there, just looking for a little helpful clarification on 2 points :
1 - Currently, the Yoroi Brave/Chrome extension wallet is offering either the Byron Era or the Shelley Testnet wallets when looking into the version page. Could someone please clarify whether the upgrade to Yoroi Shelley “Mainnet(is that what we are waiting for or is the Testnet the final version required ?)” is going to happen automatically or whether there are some steps to follow? (there are no “version numbers” indicated, so it makes it all a bit vague to non coders like myself;)

2 - Also, I am aware that the Ledger compatible version of that wallet is to follow in a few days, but I can’t really find any info on how it could be already available for Trezor, but not yet available as a simple browser based version…(?)
Apologies for my confused perception of this.

Thanks in advance.

Same problem here.
I found this:

I’m alittle confused with how the ledger interacts with wallets and maybe someone can help me fill in the blanks in my knowledge.

I had been storing my keys on my ledger device and interacting with the amounts through Yoroi. Once staking became available I used my ledger on Adalite to convert my wallet to Shelly, then delegate to a pool.

I can see the amount I’ve delegated in Adalite and the pool information that I chose BUT my question here is, why can’t I see my delegated amount if I restore my wallet in Daedalus with my ledger recovery phrase? I had done just this and the amount shows as 0 in my Daedalus Shelly wallet without any transaction history or delegation information.

Again I can see my Ada in Adalite when accessing with my ledger but I’m confused as to why I wouldn’t be able to view that wallet in Daedalus to confirm. I understand that i’m not currently able to do anything through Yoroi with a ledger device, this would be my preferred method to confirm and view my stake.

Any insight here would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.