Looking for final word on Post Shelley / Ledgernanox-Yoroi ADA asets access

Hi, After coming across a variety of inconsistent videos on the subject, I am looking for final word on how to handle the Post Shelley upgrade and re-access my ADA on a Ledger nano X-Yoroi wallet combination!
It seems there might be a Ledger Nano X “cardano app” update necessary and I am quite unsure as to the procedure I’ll have to follow to bring my yoroi onto the new Blockchain (?)
Any actual definitive instructions would be MOST welcomed :wink:
Thank you in advance.
Best wishes.

The Ledger Cardano firmware app that supports Shelley is already out. I expect that Yoroi support is not too far away, maybe within a week.

The AdaLite app has full Shelley support, including cold stake delegation, that you can use right now: