Re: Yoroi + Ledger Nano S - Byron-era (read only) wallet Vs Shelley-era Wallet

I have a Yoroi + Ledger Nano S wallet created during the Byron-era
When I try to connect to hardware wallet, should I choose connect to Byron-era (read only) wallet or Shelley-era Wallet?

Thank you

Connect to old Byron wallet, create new Shelley wallet, claim/transfer ada from old wallet to new. (I believe, haven’t used Ledger with Yoroi myself, this is based on non-Ledger procedure.)

You can connect to a Shelley era wallet immediately and it will guide you through an upgrading process to transfer byron funds to your new wallet.

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Thank you, I connected to Shelley era wallet using Yoroi + Ledger Nano S
If I choose to delegate to a staking pool in the delegation list, I would delegate all the ADA in my Yoroi wallet to that one Pool?


Yes, you can only delegate all funds of a wallet, not a portion of it. If you’d want that, you need to create multiple wallets.

But multiple pools per wallet is coming fairly soon.

Thank you guys, I am looking forward to the multiple pools per wallet feature