Ledger Nano X question

I just received my Nano X. Since Ledger Live doesn’t support Daedalus what’s the best way to move my ADA?

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download yoroi chrome extension and connect your ledger…
move 10 ADA to the ledger, play with it, try to restore the ledger, etc… and if everything is fine u can move all funds to ledger

also you can connect your ledger to:


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Hi @323mastiffmom ,

Try what @Alexd1985 tell above.

Here is a link where you can follow step-by-step:

or you can check tutorial to pair Ledger Nano S/X with Yoroi also in my Tutorial About Cardano

Must Ledger_Live (Manager) be activated to be able to sent Ada from an exchange to daedalus/ NanoX?

I think no if u are sending the funds from exchange to daedalus
anyway first time it’s better to send only 10 ADA for test and if you are using binance, be carefull to choose cardano network

Thank you

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ok thanks!

yeah, thx, I did it before, tried a small amount first, then more and suceeded. But I do not remember whether Ledger Live manager was open or not

No neeed to open Ledger Live. Ledger Live and manager is only used to update the firmware and apps version. Hope it helps @maik4

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yes, thx:)

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