Connection Issue with Ledger Nano X Firmware 2.0 and cardano ADA app 3.0

Hi All,

Yesterday I updated Ledger Nano X firmware to 2.0, and I can’t sign any more transactions with Daedalus cos the ledger seems to be not visible.

I don’t work with Yoroi too, through USB or Bluetooth with Mobile App.

Ledger Live works perfectly.

Does anybody have the same issue?

My OS is Mac Big Sur 11.6

It seems like there are a few users has the same issue like you.

Could you please try to connect your Ledger via and try to make a transaction there?

I just tried with, I didn’t sign a new transaction, but it seems to work cos it was connected successfully with the Ledger.

So can I think that is just a bug of Daedalus and Yoroi because of the Ledger update?

Not sure to be fair but it seems like that. It would be cool if you could make a test transaction via to make sure it works properly there.

I confirm that I made a transaction with adalite and it works.

With Daedalus, I can’t either verify an Address
With Yoroi I can’t synchronize the Ledger with Bluetooth or USB

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Thank you for the confirmation.

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With the new version of the ADA app on Ledger, I can now successfully connect the wallet to Daedalus.