Ledger Cardano App 3.0.0 not being recognized by Yoroi

Hi everyone,

I’ve just updated my Ledger Nano S firmware and Cardano App to the 3.0.0 version and now Yoroi both on desktop ( I receive a message about an unexpected error) and on Yoroi mobile ( I received a message saying that I am not using the most up to date Cardano App 2.2.1).

This is locking me out of my ADA and previous airdrop tokens now that I want to redelegate to another pool.

Ledger firmware and the Cardano app cannot be downgraded to an older version.

Does anyone have this same issue?

Do you know if Yoroi is working on a solution?

If I open another account and Daedalus ou Adalite won’t I have problems with either sinching the ledger, re delegating my staked ADA or lose my airdrop tokens?

Use adalite.io … it will not affect ur current delegation… yoroi, daedalus or adalite is just an interface to allow u to access the CARDANO wallet from ledger

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And will I still have access to my airdropped tokens?

I remember while back seeing some youtube videos referencing some issues if you would move from one interface to another, I just cannot recall what were the exact issues that they were mentioning.

I have the same problem I’ve just updated my Ledger Nano S firmware and Cardano App to the 3.0.0 version, and I cant’ withdraw my rewards with Yoroi.

The message “Something unexpected happened. Please retry” appears.

Please Help!

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As Alex said, you can use Adalite.io in the meantime or Typhon (im not sure if theres a “withdraw reward” function on adalite).

So both ADA rewards and airdropped tokens from staking are locked on Yoroi until they fix these issues?

No man, I told u above… u are free to use which wallet do u want… switching between daedalus,yoroi or adalite will not modify anything

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I have a huge reward to claim, so would be possible for Yoroi to fix this issue?

You can connect your Ledger to adalite.io and spend your rewards if you need access to your funds right now.

Thank you. I’ve never used Adalite…is it possible to stake with it in the same pool I was staking with Yoroi? The cardano wallets are totally interchangeable with each other? Can I stake on Daedalus then claim and withdraw the reward with Adalite?

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Yes. The wallet applications are just interfaces to the blockchain.

You are not staking with Yoroi or with Adalite, they register that you want to stake with some pool as a transaction on the chain.

If you connect your Ledger to (or enter your phrase in) another wallet application, you control exactly the same wallet with that other application. Staking is still active etc.

I didn’t know that, thank you all for your help