Cannot stake on Ledger Nano S

Everything is connected as it should be. I can send/receive funds normally.
Happens on Yoroi, Yoroi mobile and Daedalus.

Screenshot: photo-2021-03-02-15-29-47 — ImgBB

Any ideas?

Do you use the most recent ledger firmware and cardano app on your ledger device?

Please double check that.

Yorio mobile was updated today, the ledger firmware a few days ago (not sure if there was another update since then).

But it did not work even when everything was freshly installed and up to date.

Maybe try to connect your Ledger via computer and then use and connect via WebUSB.

If this works you know the problem aint the firmware/software.

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I tried adalite and it gave me the error that the Ada app of Ledger is not up to date.
All good now, thanks.

I can normally restore my wallet with the Ledger mnemonic, right?

What do you mean? You dont should use your seed from your Ledger to restore your wallet anywhere.

Just update your Cardano app on your Ledger and try again.

No, I mean if I lose my Ledger, recovering it with a passphrase will recover my ADA holdings as well, correct?

Yes exactly.

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