Keep using Daedalus or transfer my ADA to my Ledger Nano device using Yoroi?

For those that have the Ledger Nano device have you transferred all your ADA to it or are you still using Daedalus to store your ADA? Just curious. I’m not sure which way I want to go yet.

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few units which I did not dispose yet I keep on bitrex, feels safer and less buggy than
Cardano wallets :slight_smile:

Still using Daedalus. I haven’t tried Yoroi so far and I’m disinclined to switch to it, I’ll wait for D to become Ledger-compatible. (My security is I believe quite robust.)

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I’m pretty much thinking the same as you. I did install the ADA app on the Ledger using Ledger Live and did move a couple ADA to Yoroi from D and then back again. For now I’m going to keep using D and wait for the Ledger / D thing to happen.

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I transfered it all to my ledger, I feel a bit safer having to confirm transactions manually on the Ledger.
But I also still trust Deadalus, never had any problems with it.