Daedalus wallet news

question to cardano admins:

do you know when daedalus wallet will support ledger nano s ? any dates? it would be nice if we know its going to be in a month or a year or anything… as far as i know there is still no roadmap where we could check it out
i just need to know if this is worth waitng or to migrate to yoroi immediately, simple thing.

I don’t know the answer to your question but after thinking about it for months I finally migrated to Yoroi a few days ago. It was very smooth and easy, and now my Ledger is usefully employed, I’m very happy about the whole thing! :smile:


Hi Rob,

Once Shelley is released, will you be able to delegate to a staking pool now that you have your ADA stored on the Nano S?

Hi David, yes, I believe all Daedalus and Yoroi users will be able to delegate whether they’re using a hardware wallet or not.

Ok thanks!

I’m still using Daedalus but might move the ADA over to my Nano S as well using the Yoroi chrome extension.


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I’ve ended up taking my computer off line when ever I’m not actually using the system. Yoroi seems to be constantly open.

It is very easy to disable the extension and reenable only when you need it.

I finally moved all ADA over to Yoroi / Ledger. Very easy process and Yoroi looks great!! Now lets all :crossed_fingers: and hope for :rocket:


I removed all my grand kids ADA to Yoroi as well. After Daedalus locked up twice I didn’t find it comfortable to leave their holdings in that wallet.

As I understand it Yoroi won’t be ready for staking as quickly as Daedalus.

Any comments or knowledge about this would be appreciated.

It’s highly likely that both wallets will support staking from the very beginning. No need to worry.