Daedalus vs. Yoroi

I’ve been using Daedalus but have been working with Yoroi recently. Each has functionality the other doesn’t. For the most part I have my ADA staked and don’t mess with it.

One thing I like about Daedalus is that the current value of ADA is displayed up to the second. It also calculates the value of the wallet in US dollars based on that value. I don’t see that in Yoroi. Another feature that I like a lot is the ability to export the rewards table in the staking section as a csv file. I do this at the close of almost every epoch. I put this data into a spreadsheet. This lets me track how my pools are doing week over week. I can also calculate other performance measures.

What I can’t do in Daedalus is “cash out” of a staking pool and close/delete the wallet. I have to do that in Yoroi using the “Withdraw” button. I’d be happy to have a Withdraw process in Daedalus.

I do like the lightweight speed of Yoroi. It seems to work better with my Ledger Nano X though I’m having technical difficulties with my desktop iMac running macOS 12.1. It simply will not connect to Ledger Live. It will connect to Yoroi and works perfectly with my MacBook running Catalina. I’m waiting to hear from Ledger tech support on that one.

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You did not see the community wallets, like ccvault.io and typhonwallet.io (both have the website version and the browser plugin version like Yoroi). And there’s also Adalite.io, website version, which is much older that the previous ones. And the same company that created adalite.io (which is the same company developing the firmware for Ledger and Trezor) launched nu.fi, which should have cross-blockchain support soon.
I personally prefer using ccvault.io wallet with my Ledger Nano X. I had some issues with Daedalus in the past, sometimes it did not work correctly with my Ledger. I sill use it from time to time. I stopped using Yoroi after it stopped working with my Ledger a few months ago.
IOG will also launch a new light wallet next year.


There are several new cardano wallets as well,

Such as

  • Nami Wallet
  • Ccvault
  • Etc

I would agree that Daedalus gonna takes more time (Since they need to download a full node).
But these 2 months, my Yoroi hasn’t been working great, and i personally think that Nami was better at this point. (Nami can use Ledger wallets as well).

I’m aware of these other wallets. What might be unique to my situation is that I’ve got my ADA staked and there it sits. No moving around. I might add to it. I did have 7 different pools I was staked to but now just 4. I redelegated 3 in Daedalus. I want to consolidate these 3 wallets into the other 4. Can’t do that in Daedalus. There’s no way to deregister a staking address. That’s why I’m using Yoroi.

This all started before staking when I just wanted to get my ADA off of exchanges. Daedalus worked for that. It was buggy in the beginning but I hung in there with it because I know they’ll get it right. Then I got into staking and used Daedalus for that during the ITN period. Next I noted that some pools weren’t doing as good as others so I started to move my staked wallets. Now I want to close them after moving all my ADA out of them.

I don’t mind the full node as I launch Daedalus everyday.

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Maybe you can support other stake pools, too, instead of consolidating the wallets.
It is your choice, of course, it is your ADA.

I’m in 4 stake pools. One wallet for each. I was in 7 but dropped 3 for performance. I like Daedalus because I can export the rewards table, put it in a spreadsheet, and see how my pools are performing week over week and ytd.

I have had Yoroi for 1 year, just keep my ADA/s staked so it just sits there. I do hope Yoroi will get an upgrade and allow us to buy new cardano ecosystem tokens and keep them in the same wallet. Which wallet is best for this curently? I want to be able to buy new tokens and get airdrops etc … and keep them all together in the one wallet not have to go elsewhere to buy or store. Is this possible?