Re: Transfer ADA from Daedalus Wallet to Ledger Nano S

Now that Ledger is supporting ADA

  1. Can I transfer my ADA from my Daedalus Wallet to my Ledger Nano S?
  2. When an Cardano account is created in Ledger Nano S does it automatically generate an address for me to transfer ADA to?

Yoroi provides both features you’re asking about.


The video is very helpful. Thank you

  1. Can I install Yoroi wallet in Chrome on my desktop PC and install a copy of the same Yoroi wallet in Chrome on my laptop?
  2. When transfer funds from Daedalus Wallet to Ledger Nano S (with Yoroi) can I transfer some of my ADA from the Daedalus Wallet and not all the ADA into Ledger Nano S (with Yoroi)?

Thank you

  1. Yes, as long as you’re using the same Ledger (or 15-word recovery phrase for Yoroi wallets not linked to a hardware wallet), you can access the same Yoroi wallet from any number of devices.

  2. Yes, you can send a transaction of any size you like from Daedalus to your Yoroi wallet’s receiving address. Just be sure you’re sending it as a normal transaction, and not using the “Transfer All Funds from Daedalus” function that requires you to enter your 12-word recovery phrase from Deadalus.

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Thank you, that is very helpful