Official Ledger Announcement: Cardano Integrated on the Nano S!



Cite: “Cardano’s Ada Now Supported By Ledger - Integration with Yoroi Wallet Available”

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Anyone have an affiliate Ledger link for me to click to buy a new Ledger device?

Nice, but what’s the point of storing on Ledger if I have to have a Yoroi wallet or daedalus wallet? I just want to send my Ada from Binance straight to my Cardano Ledger…bad move by Ledger

@Nerdano: Why woudn’t this be possible?
If you know your receive adress of the ADA Ledger wallet you can send your ADA from Binance.

You need Yoroi to check your amount and send ADA from you Ledger to another account.

Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

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Best get it directly from the source:

I made tutorial how to setup Ledger Nano S with Cardano