Ledger connect to yoroi


I’m about to buy my ledger and just doing the homework and finding out if all my coins and/or staking is supported.

Lucky for me, yoroi supports ledger, however, all threads and topics found on web are at least 1 year old so here goes my question:

I have an yoroi wallet, and been staking ADA for a while now.
All documentation I have found says that that if I’m using Yoroi already, I need to create a new chrome profile and transfer the assets from current to new profile. (Source: EMURGO).

However, this would mean no rewards for at least 4 epochs.
Is this still valid or did something change during the year or 2 since this has been written?



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Hi @dA_RoB ,

Good morning & welcome to Cardano Forum.

To make it clear:

  • You have a Yoroi wallet right now & it’s staked in a stake pool.
  • You want to buy a Ledger Nano S or X & pair it with Yoroi (means creating new wallet)
  • You don’t understand that if you are still getting reward or not for your old wallet?

First, yes you will create a new wallet by pairing your new Ledger Nano S/X to Yoroi. Then you need to transfer your ADA from the old Yoroi wallet to the new Yoroi wallet paired with Ledger.

For the new wallet, you need to stake it again in a stake pool. And you will get your rewards in the next 2 epoch as usual.

For the old wallet, you will still get reward based on the snapshot of the previous 2 epoch.

In my opinion, this what you can do:

  • Move a small amount ADA (5-10 ADA) to the new paired Yoroi wallet. Stake it. Leave it for 2 epoch.
  • Then move all of your ADA from old wallet to new wallet, leave 1-2 ADA (just in case to do transaction later on)
  • Don’t close your old wallet, wait for another 2 epoch to get all reward.
  • After 2 epoch, unstake your old wallet in Yoroi, to get back the 2 ADA deposit. Then send the remaining of your ADA from old wallet to new wallet.
  • That’s it!

Maybe another senior member could give better tips than me. Thank you.